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13 Interesting Soap Quotes for Wall Decals and Art

Soap cleanses, conditions and disinfects. But you can do more than just stock a lot of it for your cleaning needs.

Soap quotes are interesting, and they can also be turned into art.

With just a few perfect quotes, you can make a décor, framed art or a wall plaque. You can also print the quote and place it in bathroom and laundry room decorative jars. The choice is yours.

Soap Quotes

What is elegance? Soap and water!

Cecil Beaton

Wash four distinct and separate times, using lots of lather each time from individual bars of soap.

Howard Hughes

When I was 11, I saw this ad for dish soap powder that said, ‘Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.’ I was so angry. I couldn’t understand why it didn’t say men as well

Meagan Markle

I wonder how much it would take to buy a soap bubble, if there were only one in the world.

Mark Twain

In religion all words are dirty words. Anybody who gets eloquent about Buddha, or God, or Christ, ought to have his mouth washed out with carbolic soap.

Aldous Huxley

Soap, like people, shouldn’t smell like anything.

Andy Rooney

If Christianity is valid, why is there so much evil in the world?” To this the famous preacher replied, “With so much soap, why are there so many dirty people in the world? Christianity, like soap, must be personally applied if it is to make a difference in our lives.

Billy Graham

Some people are just like soaps, bubbly and conditioning. Conversing with them cleanses all the negativity in our minds making us feel refreshed. And ah! They smell good.

Tanvi Poruhit

Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants.

William Osler

Secrets are like soaps lost in the gutters. Slips from many hands and dissolves clearing nothing.

Payal Dutta

Man does not live by soap alone; and hygiene, or even health, is not much good unless you can take a healthy view of it or, better still, feel a healthy indifference to it.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

There’s no shame about any honest calling; don’t be afraid of soiling your hands, there’s plenty of soap to be had.

Charles Spurgeon

If you will die for me, I will die for you and our graves will be like two lovers washing their clothes together in a laundromat. If you will bring the soap I will bring the bleach.

Richard Brautigan

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