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31 Declutter quotes to Empower and Inspire You

Does your house look untidy because of keeping things you do not need? The answer is decluttering. Throwing away old and unnecessary things is not only refreshing but also elucidating. You learn to separate the things to keep, from the ones to eliminate.

All the same, the task is tedious and time consuming. That is why I am sharing informative and inspiring declutter quotes to help you get through the task.

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Oh! Old rubbish! Old letters, old clothes, old objects that one does not want to throw away. How well nature has understood that, every year, she must change her leaves, her flowers, her fruit and her vegetables, and make manure out of the mementos of her year!

Jules Renald

Decluttering can be overwhelming, so start with that one small thing. Clean out your junk drawers. It can lead to so many more beautiful things. Start there, and you’ll find yourself cleaning the whole rest of the house.

Bobby Berk

When I own less, fewer things go wrong and need to be fixed. I have more space: openings in my calendar, room in my home, and calm in my heart.

Lisa J. Shultz

I recommend you dispose of anything that does not fall into one of three categories: currently in use, needed for a limited period of time, or must be kept indefinitely.

Marie Kondo

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions”

Barbara hemphill

It’s easier to get rid of things when you’re giving them to someone who can use them, but don’t let this kind intention become a source of clutter itself.

Gretchen Rubin

You can declutter your home all day and night ,but if you do not declutter your own upstairs, your home will quickly return to its original chaos”

Christine Szymanski

“If you have clutter, you’re richer than you think!”

Donna Smallin

Minimalism isn’t about removing things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love

Joshua Becker

Ah! This is just the amount I need to live comfortably. This is all I need to be happy. I don’t need anything more.”

Marie Kondo

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

William Morris

The work involved can be broadly divided into two kinds: deciding whether or not to dispose of something and deciding where to put it. If you can do these two things, you can achieve perfection.

Marie Kondo

Owning less is better than organizing more.

Joshua Becker

Letting go is even more important than adding.

Marie Kondo

I asked myself, “Who would I be if I weren’t busy? What would be left of my life and me after I removed excess stuff from my home and allowed my day to have unscheduled open spaces?”

Lisa J. Shultz

The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.

Marie Kondo

Decluttering is infinitely easier when you think of it as deciding what to keep, rather than deciding what to throw away.

Francine Jay

Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.

Christina Scalise

When people revert to clutter no matter how much they tidy, it is not their room or their belongings but their way of thinking that is at fault.

Marie Kondo

Your home is living space, not storage space.

Francine Jay

From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life. As a result, your life will start to change. That’s why the task of putting your house in order should be done quickly. It allows you to confront the issues that are really important. Tidying is just a tool, not the final destination. The true goal should be to establish the lifestyle you want most once your house has been put in order.

Francine Jay

Clutter is often the result of so many good intentions.

Becky Rogers

Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong. Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out.

Marie Kondo

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hofmann

We amass material things for the same reason that we eat—to satisfy a craving. Buying on impulse and eating and drinking to excess are attempts to alleviate stress.

Marie Kondo

 When we throw out the physical clutter, we clear our minds. When we throw out the mental clutter, we clear our souls.

Gail Blanke

I have yet to see a house that lacked sufficient storage. The real problem is that we have far more than we need or want.

Marie Kondo

Clearing out clutter – be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – brings about ease and inspires a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility.

Laurie Buchanan

We should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.

Marie Kondo

Can you place your hand on your heart and swear that you are happy when surrounded by so much stuff that you don’t even remember what’s there?

Marie Kondo

Clutter steals energy and joy.

Monika Kristofferson

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