About Us

As basic as it sounds, homemaking is a serious activity that requires skill and attention to detail.
Tidyingmama is fully dedicated to sharing this vital aspect of everyday life with the world.

Who is Tidying Mama?

Meet Flo! The lady behind Tidyingmama.com.

My name is Florah. I am a well-educated mother, daughter, wife, sister, and cleaning enthusiast with
a personality that goes above these titles.

After spending several years in school and completing my undergraduate, I got a decent career and life
was business as usual. However, all this changed when I become a mother. I was torn between hiring a
nanny and going back to work, or becoming a stay at home mum. I chose the latter.

As time went by, the decision turned out to be fruitful beyond expectations. Besides tending to the
baby, I had a lot of time for homemaking.

I found myself focusing on every little detail of my home. I acquired books and other resources to read
more about home cleaning and organizing ideas. I had enough time to try different cleaning products
and still do. I also developed a skill in mixing basic home ingredients to make powerful cleaning agents.

Putting the knowledge to the test has made me a better cleaner, and the process has opened my mind to
more knowledge and ideas.

Today, as I share the information with the world, I am still an avid reader of homemaking materials. I try
to improve my skills every day and more so, I enjoy writing about what I do.

I improve the credibility of my information by incorporating ideas from others that are sometimes better
informed than I am. I also try their ideas and embrace the things I like and forget about what I do not
really like.

Similarly, I confidently encourage you to try the tips shared here because I only put out the best. And should you have a question or something you want to share with me, please get in touch through the contact page.