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Why Do Laundry Baskets have Holes?

why do laundry baskets have holes

Looking for the right laundry basket is quite tricky, considering the fact that the consumers of today are spoilt for choice. With numerous options ranging from bamboo, willow, seagrass and rattan traditional wicker baskets to modern plastic, fabric and wooden…

Can you Use Dish Soap to Wash Clothes?

can you use dish soap to wash clothes

If you have no laundry detergent and have run short of money, you might get the temptation to use dish soap in its place. You might also have the cash but limited time to run to the shop or order…

How to Drain a Waterbed with a Shop Vac

how to drain a waterbed with a shop vac

A shop vac works pretty much like regular household vacuums, but it’s way more powerful. What’s more, a shop vacuum furnishes you with really great water-lifting capabilities. With a decent shop vac that has a large-enough tank, you can drain…

How to Wash O Cedar Mop Head

how to wash o cedar mop head

O Cedar has been making all kinds of great floor cleaning mops for decades. Once you get your hands on your first-ever O Cedar spin mop head, there’s no turning back. It’s a real lifesaver. But like everything else, all…