How to Drain a Waterbed with a Shop Vac

how to drain a waterbed with a shop vac

A shop vac works pretty much like regular household vacuums, but it’s way more powerful. What’s more, a shop vacuum furnishes you with really great water-lifting capabilities. With a decent shop vac that has a large-enough tank, you can drain…

How to Wash O Cedar Mop Head

how to wash o cedar mop head

O Cedar has been making all kinds of great floor cleaning mops for decades. Once you get your hands on your first-ever O Cedar spin mop head, there’s no turning back. It’s a real lifesaver. But like everything else, all…

How to Get Milk Out of Carpet Quickly

how to get milk out of carpet

Your home is a chunk of paradise for the most part, but sometimes small accidents happen. Your playful tykes trip on cables. And chocolate milk spills on clean carpets. Suddenly, you’re looking at a brownish wet mess. If you don’t…

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet in 7 Easy Ways

how to get wax out of carpet

When Covid-19 showed up and suddenly struck fear into our hearts, we scampered into the time-tested safety of our homes. That’s when some of us discovered the ethereal, relaxing powers of candle scents. But apparently not everyone figured out how…

Is Fabric Conditioner the Same as Fabric Softener?

Is fabric conditioner the same as fabric softener

Trying to understand the difference between fabric conditioner and fabric softener but can’t get a hang of it? This article provides you with the answers you have been looking for. So, is Fabric Conditioner the Same as Fabric Softener? Fabric…