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How to Wash a Crochet Blanket and Clothes

How to wash a crochet blanket

It takes time, money, and consistent dedication to create cute crochets. Those crocheted baby blankets and socks your tot received as birthday gifts, well, treasure them. But how do you take care of those delicate crochets if you don’t know…

Does Spandex Shrink in the Washer or Dryer?

does spandex shrink

Yoga pants. Underwear. Stretchy workout gear. Skinny jeans. Socks. Bras. Stretch pants. And motion capture suits. All these useful textile goods wouldn’t be a reality today if Dupont’s chemists hadn’t given Lycra (spandex) to the world in 1959. We all…

Is polyester stretchy? Does polyester stretch

does polyester stretch

Polyester is the most widely used fiber worldwide according to Textile Exchange. British chemists created this textile in 1941, and Dupont introduced it to Americans afterward. This durable but relatively cheap material made the creation of the so-called leisure suit…

How to Get Smell Out of Leather in Six Ways

how to get smell out of leather

What’s better than sinking into a feather-soft sofa that packs tons of comfort-inducing features? Nothing! But if all kinds of dead-mouse odors, body sweat smells, and cat pee smells keep wafting out from your $3, 000 leather sofa, enjoyment starts…

Is Fabric Conditioner the Same as Detergent?

is fabric conditioner the same as detergent

Washing clothes and fabrics may not seem like a complicated task, and it isn’t. But if the difference between a fabric conditioner and a detergent kind of eludes you, it’s because there’s a little learning around washing clothes that you…

What does Soil Level Mean on a Washer?

What does Soil Level Mean on a Washer?

As the demand for washing machines continues to increase exponentially, laundry technology trends and features are growing in matching speed to meet consumers at their point of need. With each manufacturer trying to stand out in the fiercely competitive market,…