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10 Best Laundry Room Signs for Décor and Inspiration

Doing laundry is not always exciting. However, having something captivating on your laundry room wall warms you up to the task. Laundry room signs feature funny and encouraging phrases and quotes that lighten up your mood.

Furthermore, their rustic, vintage, farmhouse and modern styles add to your room’s décor thereby improving the feel and appearance.

Stay hooked as we take you through a collection of signs that are perfect for you and even better as a gift idea. We promises you to smile, laugh and have a better perception of doing laundry.  

10 Best Laundry room Signs

Paris Loft rustic laundry wood wall sign

laundry room sign

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This wooden sign décor by Paris Loft is simple and elegant. It features a frame and the word laundry, both of which are crafted from real wood. Besides top-notch quality, the other feature we like a lot is the size. It is surprisingly big and sits on laundry room doors and walls perfectly.

Kas Home Vintage Sign

laundry schedule

This sign provides an accurate description of the average laundry schedule. With a lot of postponing and the highs and lows of everyday life, it takes the average human several days to sort, wash, fold and iron clothes. Ideally, the sign presents reality with a touch of humor. It is a wonderful addition to laundry room décor especially if doing laundry is one your least favorite tasks.

Stupell laundry symbols guide sign


There is nothing that racks your brain like a garment that features symbols you cannot comprehend. Stupell provide you with functional art that highlights different laundry symbols and their meanings. This gives you a chance to enjoy the cuteness it adds to your laundry room while learning at the same time. As an added advantage, the art is available in different styles and sizes. The options include wall plaque, framed and gallery wrapped canvas.

Barnyard Designs funny laundry room sign

laundry room sign

Laundry rooms are generally plain and boring but not with this sign hanging on your wall. Besides adding a personal touch, it brightens your every chance in the laundry room. The sign is made of wood with dark finish adding to its elegance and versatility. It can accentuate most laundry rooms despite their pre-existing colors and décor.

MRC Wood laundry wash & fold sign

laundry room sign

This gorgeous design gives your room a farmhouse appeal while maintaining class and sophistication. The size is just right for wall and door hanging, or placing in a different place of choice. The background is made of Baltic Birch wood and the writings are permanently printed on it.

The Stupell stain removal sign

stain removal sign

An incredible tip for doing laundry successfully is learning how to treat different kinds of stains. Pre-treating stains in the wrong way can make the laundry process painfully lengthy. On the other hand, skipping the step can permanently set the stains. This stain removal art allows you to kill two birds with the same stone. You liven up your room, and learn more about stains removal.

Lost socks sign seeking sole mates sign

lost socks

How many times did you lose a partner for one of your socks? Yah, countless times! This lost socks sign adds character and functionality to your room. Firstly, you get a bright smile on your face every time you see it. Secondly, you can hang your socks there until you find the match. The sign is made of real wood and it is suitable for mounting on the wall or door.

Kas Home laundry rules canvas wall art

laundry rules

If you love a bit of pop and color, here is a chance to grab a sign that will make you happy. Besides, it has some interesting laundry rules that will cheer you up for the task. Since it features several bright colors, it can compliment laundry rooms that are characterized by bolds and neutrals.

EWallsthatspeak 4-Pack Laundry signs

laundry four pack

If you prefer laundry signs that come in a set, here is a 4-pack that adds charm and color to your room. The main advantage of set art is that you can lay it however you like. For example, these ones can be hung on a straight line or in a set of two. Each wall art is relatively small but the size is perfectly fine for displaying them as a set.

Jai Johnson Laundry Day Bluebirds

laundry birds

If you prefer something that is more than just writings, you might consider adding Laundry Day Bluebirds art to your laundry room. This cheerful piece of art displays birds that you are likely to see on a typical day on your clotheslines.  

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