Best Soap Dispensers for Kitchen Sink and Other Places

Soap dispensers come in handy for their aesthetics and functionality. Whether placing one in the kitchen, bathroom or any other place in your house, a perfect choice can compliment your décor and add character to the room.

With respect to functionality, soap dispensers are an effective way of enhancing hand hygiene and facilitating the use of soap and lotions sparingly. Further, their versatility encourages usage in both domestic and commercial premises.

Best Soap Dispensers

Kimi Cuisine (Best Countertop/ Kitchen Sink Dispenser)

kimi cuisine soap dispenser

Kitchen soap dispensers come in many shapes and forms but our choice by Kimi Cuisine excels above them all. It is rich in features that provide a long-lasting solution for functionality, durability, simplicity and aesthetics.

Ideally, the built in dispenser goes to one of the holes on your kitchen sink. Alternatively, you can drill a hole on the kitchen countertop next to your tap and have it just right above the sink. The beauty of the installation is the ease of the process. Further, the dispenser does not look like an afterthought. It creates the impression of a feature that was there originally.

You can install more than one of these tap look-alike dispensers. The decision entirely depends on the products you want them to hold. For example, you can have one for dish soap and another for hand lotion.

The design of this dispenser allows it to function with efficiency and effectiveness. Firstly, it comes with a 17 ounces in-sink bottle for holding your product. You only need to remove the top and refill the bottle when the need arises.

However, you can decide to take things a notch higher by purchasing it together with a tube extension kit. It features a 4 feet silicone tube and two multi-sized caps. The tube allows you to attach the dispenser to a value soap container such that the idea of refilling the small container becomes a thing of the past.

The soap pump is sturdy and responsive. You press it manually by hand and it dispenses the right product quantity.

Kimi’s dispenser is made of high quality materials. The exterior features grade 304 stainless steel which is suitable for both domestic and commercial uses. It is further enhanced with shinny chrome finish to increase resistance to rust and corrosion. The interior is made of high quality plastic material.

Lastly, the dispenser comes in a variety of colors. From some neutral shades to chrome, golden and bronze, there is something for every house.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Very easy to refill
  • Provides a nice finish
  • Can be upgraded to cut down the times you refill the product


  • The manual hand pump design allows germs to spread easily
  • The upgrading kit is sold separately

TubEnter Dispenser (Best Snail Soap Dispenser)

TabEnter snail dispenser

Shinny and sleek dispensers are incredible, but nothing compares to a little snail soap holder. It adds a different kind of charm to your bathroom, kitchen or any other space.

 It is worth mentioning that the feeling even gets better if you have children around. They becomes the first ones to find suitable nicknames, and before you realize it, the newest member of the family becomes a firm favorite.

TabEnter dispenser offers more than beauty and charm. It is made of good quality and toxins free plastic material that lasts a long time with proper care.

 Its uses range from dispensing hand soap to lotions and other liquid soaps that have fair thickness. The mouth dispenses the product after you gently press the shell with your hand. However, ensure that you place the snail on a flat surface before pressing. Otherwise, it may fail to dispense properly.

You can disassemble the snail to clean it and change the product. This helps especially if it gets clogged up and stops to pump properly.

Lastly, your cute friend comes in 3 colors. However, you can put your painting skills to test by customizing him to your favorite appearance.


  • Cute and functional
  • Easy to handle and refill
  • Made of children-friendly plastic that does not crack easily
  • Playful and decorative design


  • Small holder. Needs refiling after every few uses
  • A hand pumping design can contribute to the spread of germs

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