can you iron dry clean only pants

Can you Iron Dry Clean Only Pants and other Clothes?

If your pants or any other garment features dry clean only instructions on the care tag, it is definitely made of fabric that is delicate to handle.

One of the basics for dry cleaning is the use of solvents other than water. Accordingly, bringing dry clean only garments into contact with water ruins appearance and quality. On the contrary, water plays a key role when ironing or steaming wrinkles out of clothes.

However, this does not mean that you will always wear the clothes in wrinkled or creased condition. Dry cleaners use vacuums and other means to keep the garments in pristine condition.

Can you Iron Dry Clean Only Pants?

can you iron dry clean only pants

Factoring the costs and time investment that come with dry-cleaning, the big question is whether there is a chance for ironing dry clean only clothes at home.

The answer is yes!

You can iron dry clean only pants and clothes at home but with ultimate care and caution.

Step 1: Choose the right iron box

Ideally, it is best to iron dry clean only clothes with a dry iron. The primary advantage of a dry iron is that it does not release steam. Therefore, the chance for moisture ruining your garments is non-existent.

Secondly, unlike steam irons, dry irons do not heat to extremely high temperatures. Since dry clean only garments are super-sensitive, it is important to iron them at low temperatures. High heat can damage the fabric fibers thereby creating an awkwardly shinny appearance.

If you do not have a dry iron, switch off the steam setting for your steam iron. This allows your steam iron to work in the same way as a steam iron.

Step 2: Set your garment

Inspect your garment to ensure that it is clean and stain free. Ironing a dirty garment makes it more difficult to clean. It is also extremely difficult to remove stains from clothes that are already ironed.  

Spread the garment on the ironing board. Make sure that it is well spread-out to avoid creating creases while ironing.

Cover the garment with a light cloth. Have in mind that the cloth should be clean and dry. Essentially, this helps protect your garment from coming into direct contact with the iron’s soleplate.

Not all dry clean pants and clothes burn from hot iron’s plate easily. However, it is always important take caution.

Step 3: Set the iron to the right temperature

Iron boxes come with a range of temperature settings. Ideally, the fabric of your garment should guide the temperature settings choice. If you are not sure about the fabric, set the iron to the lowest heat setting.

Step 4: Ironing

Iron your garment gently. Do not press forcefully. Just push the iron slowly so that heat can diffuse into the garment properly.

Removing wrinkles from your garment might be easy or difficult depending on the fabric. You can adjust the temperature slightly for tough fabrics.

Step 5: Hang your Garment

hanging clothes with hangers

How you store your pants, shirt or other garments after ironing determines whether they will remain in good condition.

The most ideal approach is to hang them in the closet or any other place where they cannot develop wrinkles or creases.

Removing Wrinkles with a Blow Dryer

You do not necessarily need to use an iron to remove wrinkles from dry clean only pants. A blow dryer can help improve the appearance significantly.

Place the garment on a hanger and turn on the dryer (lowest heat setting). Hold it several inches from the garment and blow the wrinkled areas with heat until they become smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get wrinkles out of dry clean only pants?

 You can get wrinkles out of dry clean only pants by using an iron, steamer or wrinkle release spray. An iron box is a great option but you have to use it carefully and correctly to avoid ruining your pants. Preferably, use a dry iron because it does not get as hot as a steam iron. Also remember to put a cloth in between the pants and the iron.

If you decide to use a steamer, do not over do it. Have in mind that dry clean clothes are not moisture friendly.

A wrinkle release spray might come in handy if you are unsure whether the first two options can work.  However, you have to read the instructions of the spray first. This will hold you from engaging in a move that can ruin your garment.

How do you iron dry clean only wool pants?

Choose wool or warm setting to iron dry clean wool pants. Wool is highly delicate. Further, it shrinks when subjected to high heat. Warm temperature helps keep the material in shape.

Does dry cleaning get rid of wrinkles?
The dry cleaning process does not eliminate wrinkles. However, dry cleaners take a further step to press clothes before they are given back to the owners.

Can you steam a dry clean only dress?

You can steam a dry clean only dress but avoid over-saturating it with moisture in the process. It is also advisable that you begin with a section that you do no consider sensitive to be on the safe side. If it responds well, proceed with the other sections of the dress.

 Can you iron dry clean only suit pants?

You can iron dry clean only suit pants, dresses, shirts and curtains safely. Use the fabric of the garment as a guide for choosing the appropriate heat setting. Also remember to place a cloth in between the garment and the iron, and turn the steam function off if using a steam iron.  

How to get wrinkles out of dry clean only polyester.

Polyester is synthetic fabric. Choose the synthetic heat option on your iron to remove wrinkles from polyester safely.

Can I put dry clean only clothes in a dryer?

Most dry clean only clothes are made of fabrics that are highly delicate. Examples include wool, silk and cashmere. It is important to avoid putting them in the dryer if you do not want your clothes to shrink or lose shape. However, if you cannot avoid a dryer completely, use the lowest heat setting.

Can I use a steamer on dry clean only?

Generally, moisture is not recommended for dry clean only clothes. However, you can use a steamer gently for most materials. Just ensure that you start with a small section to observe how the fabric responds.

How do you wash something that is dry clean only?

 If you are not in a position to take your dry clean only clothes to the drycleaners, wash them gently with hand. Use a gentle detergent and warm or cold water. Choose a delicate cycle if you decide to wash them in the machine.

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