can you use fabuloso on wood floors

Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

One of the most common cleaning questions I come across is whether Fabuloso can be used on wooden floors. Well! Let me begin by briefly explaining what Fabuloso is.

What is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is a set of multi-purpose cleaners that can be used to clean a wide range of hard surfaces. The set originates from Venezuela and it is popularly known for its distinct scents.  

Some of the varieties include lavender, passion, tropical spring, refreshing lemon, spring fresh with bleach alternative, citrus and fruits with baking soda, spring and bloom, and ocean paradise.

Today, Fabuloso is widely accepted in the Latino and US markets with most users noting its cleaning and fragrance-related benefits.

How is Fabuloso used?

Fabuloso is one of the easiest cleaners to use. You only need to mix a ¼ cup of the cleaner with a gallon of water and apply the solution to a sponge or cloth. Follow up by wiping the intended surface gently until all the dirt is removed.

You can also transfer the solution to a spray bottle and spray the area you intend to clean.  Use a cleaning sponge or cloth to wipe off the dirt and excess cleaner.

Fabuloso can also be applied directly to surfaces like walls, bathroom, kitchen floors, and windows. This works if you need to remove sticky grime, mineral streaks and grease quickly. However, the scent of undiluted Fabuloso can be quite overwhelming for some people.

How does Fabuloso stand out from other cleaners?

As noted earlier, the main differentiating factor for Fabuloso is the scent. You will rarely come across feedback that does not mention it. I personally find it fantastic. Besides, it can last for up to a day after use.

Secondly, it is worth noting is that it does not leave any visible residue behind. Accordingly, you do not need to rinse after use.

The other thing to love about Fabuloso is the price. In general, it is one of the cheapest cleaners available in the market today.

Lastly, Fabuloso lives up to its reputation as a cleaner. You can practically use it on any surface confidently. It removes dirt, grime, grease and mineral build-up effectively.

What are the Shortcomings of Fabuloso?

The strength of Fabuloso is also a point of weakness for some. Most individuals that do not like it complain about the scent. They mostly find it overwhelming and too concentrated even after diluting the product.

What is the best substitute for Fabuloso?

 In my opinion, the best alternative for Fabuloso is Pinesol. The two products have almost similar varieties and they function in a similar way for the most part. However, I believe that Pinesol is a better disinfectant compared to Fabuloso.

Can you Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors.

mopping wood floors

Yes! You can use Fabuloso to clean sealed wooden floors. This is according to the information provided in one of the company’s pages.

However, it is important to note than even when dealing with sealed wooden floors, you have to be extremely careful about moisture. If water or traces of moisture repeatedly find their way into the subfloor, then you will end up with warping, staining and discoloration problems.

How to Use Fabuloso on Wooden Floors

To clean wooden floors with Fabuloso, follow a hardwood floors regular cleaning routine. We have written it I details in our article for how to clean and care for hardwood floors.

Step1: Sweeping

Begin by sweeping the room to remove most of the dirt and grit. You might need to move your furniture and floor coverings before sweeping. This depends on how dirty your house is, and the level of cleanliness that you intend to achieve.

As you sweep, be cautious about large dirt particles that can scratch your floor. Wooden floors are expensive. As such, you should handle them with ultimate care

Step 2: Vacuum

Sweeping helps clear large dirt particles that are visible to the eyes. However, vacuuming can help clear even fine dust particles that you can barely see. You only need a hardwood floors vacuum that has a HEPA filter. Since it can be difficult to select the right vacuum, we have a detailed buying guide for that.

Step 3: Prepare a Cleaning Solution

Fabuloso is just like most cleaners. You cannot pour it directly on your floors because it is highly concentrated. Thus, begin by diluting a ¼ cup with a gallon of water.

 If you intend to clean small areas, transfer a small amount of the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the dirty sections and scrub with a microfiber cloth or rug until the dirt clears. Avoid using a scrubber that can cause scratches to your floor.

 Preferably, work with a single section at a time.  Spray it generously with the cleaner solution but ensure that the solution does not spread to the seams. Then follow up with scrubbing and buffing.

Once you are done, rinse the microfiber cloth in clean water, wring out excess water completely and pass it over the section to clean out the cleaner residue.

This simple method is suitable fore removing all kinds of dirt including grease and tough sticky food and beverages spots.

If you intend to clean the entire house or a whole room, ensure that you do not saturate the floor with the solution. Instead, use something like a microfiber or string mop.

Dip it into the solution and wring out excess liquid. Mop the floor in the direction of the grain until your clear or the dirt and grime. Finish up by removing excess soapy residue with a mop rinsed and wringed in clean water.

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