can you vacuum wet carpet

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet? Not with a Regular Vacuum

If you are wondering whether you can vacuum wet carpet with a regular vacuum, the answer is no. Regular vacuums are specifically meant for collecting dry dirt and dust. Attempting to use one for wet dirt and spills puts the machine and yourself at risk.

In case you go ahead and take the risk, the best possible outcome is your machine getting out of the process intact. However, this can only happen if you clean negligible amount of moisture from your carpet.

But even with this, your vacuum can develop bad odor in the days to follow. One of the reasons vacuums begin to smell is when moisture comes into contact with dry dirt.

An okay scenario is your machine getting damaged. Ideally, water has no right place to go after you pick it with a regular vacuum. As such, it is possible to damage different vacuum components permanently, the motor included.

The worst possible scenario is getting electrocuted. Yes! A vacuum cleaner can help you meet your maker. Of course out of ignorance or negligence.

How do You Vacuum Wet Carpet?

 vacuum wet carpet with a shop vac

You can vacuum a wet carpet by using a wet/dry vacuum or a shop vac. This kind of a machine works for both dry and wet surfaces. It features attachments that you use interchangeably depending on the condition of the surface you intend to clean.

You will only need to choose the appropriate attachment to clean a wet carpet, then follow the right procedure for using a shop vac.

There is an additional attachment that you can use if the underneath of your carpet is soaked with spillage as well. It is known as a sub surface carpet extraction tool.

Using a Shop Vac for Your Carpet

Generally, you can use a shop vac to clean all kinds of spills from your carpet. It does not matter whether it is water, vomit or pet pee, a shop vac will get the job done comprehensively.

All the same, you might need to treat stains and remove bad odor first before proceeding with the actual cleaning. That way, you will end up with a carpet that is in completely good condition. Further, your vacuum will not stink forever.

After the shop vac extracts most of the moisture, turn on a dehumidifier and fans to dry your carpet completely.

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