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23 Spring Cleaning Quotes for Motivation

Spring cleaning quotes

Ever year, there comes springtime. A time to free yourself and let go all the baggage. As you may think, baggage is all the physical, emotional and psychological clutter that drains and depresses us. But you have to begin somewhere!…

Vacuuming Water. Can you Vacuum Water?

vacuuming water

While reading through one of my favorite forums, I came across a lady who had vacuumed water accidentally. Her concern was the safety of the vacuum even though she unplugged it immediately. Undoubtedly, the thread featured all kinds of opinions.…

Vacuum or Dust First? Best Order for Cleaning

vacuum or dust first

Whether you are cleaning your house or a more dirtier place like the garage, your cleaning procedure is a significant determinant for how clean the place looks in the end. So, should you vacuum or dust first? Cleaning experts such…