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How to Wash a Tie in 3 Simple Methods

how to wash a tie

A tie is an important neckpiece especially when dressed in an official ensemble. It stands out from the rest of the outfit and catches the attention of onlookers effortlessly. Accordingly, it is important to ensure that it looks clean and…

How to Clean Copper Jewelry (Six DIY Techniques)

how to clean copper jewelry

Copper jewelry is attractive, durable and has links to an array of health benefits. Scientific research associates copper with antimicrobial and antifungal properties, both of which facilitate the treatment of skin diseases. On the downside, it is unlike other metals.…

How to Wash Fleece Clothes and Blankets

How to wash fleece

Although making a decision on how to wash fleece may seem as intuitive as cleaning some other fabrics, the results might not be as friendly. Fabrics like this one are designed in a way that requires a more careful handling…