Do Carpet Installers Move Furniture?

There comes a time when your cozy carpet becomes old and begins to fall apart. And with such deterioration, the only option is to get a replacement. Unfortunately, the process of having a new carpet installed is not always easy.

Besides the search for top-notch installers, a hectic preparation task stares at you. You have to think about the removal the old carpet, doors (if the need arises) and furniture. A common question many home owners ask is whether carpet installers move furniture.

This article answers the question and more.

Do Carpet Installers move Furniture?

Most carpet installers move furniture at an additional cost. The best way to know if your installers are up for the task is to ask the question beforehand. An honest company will clear the air and help you make the right arrangements before the installation day. Most companies that offer moving services prefer to send a representative first, to look at the furniture that needs to be moved and guide you on the role you need to play prior their arrival for installation.

How do You Move Furniture for Carpet Installation?

If you decide that you do not want to be charged extra to move furniture, you can decide get your hands on the job. It is not an easy task, but it’s something you can do with some help. There are several ways to move the furniture, depending on the kind of space you have in your home.

Moving from Room to Room

The most space-convenient furniture moving method in preparation for carpet installation is moving the items from one room to the next until the entire house is carpeted.

It is an ideal choice if you do not have an empty room in your house, or an empty garage or the weather outside is unfriendly.

On the downside, you would be completely slammed throughout the installation period. Generally, furniture moving is a daunting task, and some heavy to lift items can make the experience regrettable.

Another disadvantage of the method is increasing the chances of ending up with damaged furniture. Sometimes you might break valuables that would cost more to replace than the amount you would have spend to cater for professional moving.

Lastly, the method renders the temporary storage space completely unusable because of having many items crammed together.

Moving the Furniture to an Empty Space

If you are lucky enough to have an empty room in your house, move the furniture there as the rest of the house gets carpeted. For instance, if you have a two story building, schedule for installation of each floor at a time and utilize the rest of the space to store your furniture.

Alternatively, move the furniture to the garage or leave outside if you are sure of the weather conditions.

Hire a Storage Container or Storage Trailer

If there is limited space in your house, do not get stressed out. Explore the option of hiring a storage container or trailer for a day or two. These kind of options provide ample space for packing your belongings prior the installation and a short while after the task has been completed.

How Do Installers Move Furniture?

Most carpet installers emphasize on the importance of moving all the furniture from a room for quality installation. And for the ones that offer the service, ensure that they explain the things you need to do before they arrive.

Ideally, they require that you pack all the small and delicate items beforehand.

  • Disconnect all the appliances, cables and electronic systems.
  • Empty drawers, closets, China cabinets and bookshelves.
  • Ensure that you remove curtains and all the hanging items that obstruct the floor.
  • Keep your sentimental items in a safe place.
  • Make arrangements for pianos, pool tables, waterbeds and other sensitive items to be moved.
  • Ensure that you keep all breakable items in a safe place.
  • Remove drawers from bedside tables.

After you have moved all the delicate items, valuables and emptied drawers and other spaces, carpet installers will help you move heavy items to your storage space. Installers who move furniture are trained on how to handle the items.

They do not cause damage by cramming things together or placing items on top of each other carelessly. Further, they tell you the things they cannot move to avoid creating a mess that can water down the customer relationship.

It is important to negotiate the price for moving the items before the job begins. This allows you to work within your budget.

If you require the installers to move your items from room to room as the installation process progresses, the moving charges can be quite high because the approach is both hectic and time consuming.

How much do Carpet Installers Charge to Move Furniture?

The charges for moving furniture vary with installers and the amount of labor involved. Some installers charge on hourly basis and others evaluate the labor to come up with a fair cost. Generally, you can pay anywhere from $25 and above.

Can carpet be fitted with Furniture in the Room?

With this option, you decide to move light and portable items outside, then leave the rest of the furniture in the room being carpeted.

During the carpeting process, you move the furniture to one side of the room to allow work to begin on the empty side, then shift the furniture back to the carpeted section to allow completion of the installation.

In most cases, this approach does not always end well. You end up with what looks like poor workmanship especially because the furniture make it almost impossible to stretch out the carpet properly. 

How long does Carpet Installation Take?

The duration that a carpet installation project takes depends on the task at hand. Generally, the size of the room or house and the scope of the job are the two main factors that determine the amount of time the project takes.

Most installers complete installation in small homes (750 sf) within a day. However, even this can take longer if the installers are also involved in the preparation process. 

Some of the time-consuming preparation tasks that you do prior the installation day include moving the furniture and removing the old carpet.

 In general, carpet installation does not take long for the amount of work involved. However, most experienced installers do not promise their customers a given time to complete the job. They only schedule arrival time and continue to work until the job is completed.

Can you Stretch your Carpet with Furniture on it?

Yes! You can stretch a room with furniture in it, but the room needs to be spacious enough. Further, the type of furniture matters because heavy items such as pool tables complicated the job a lot.

When stretching a carpet with furniture on it, you need a power stretcher.

Can you move Furniture on a New Carpet?

After getting a new carpet, you long for the chance to put back your furniture and get a sight of the new look with everything in place. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that simple.

You have to give the carpet some time to settle, to avoid irreversible damage.

Since the carpet is glued to the floor, the glue needs enough time to dry, so that the carpet stays in the shape once heavy furniture presses it down. Wait for not less than 24 hours before placing the furniture back to prevent permanent indentations.

How long does it take for a New Carpet to Settle?

A newly installed carpet takes 2 to 3 days to settle. That’s approximately the amount of time you should wait to move your furniture back in. Putting the furniture back so quickly can compress the carpet’s pile leading to permanent indentations.

On the other hand, you can walk on the carpet without causing any problems because your weight is not the same as placing heavy furniture on the carpet for a long time.

What should you do after a New Carpet is installed?

 After your new carpet is installed, some dirt and dust will be left on the floor. Begin by vacuuming to collect the debris as well as the short fibers that fall lose.

Do not worry if the carpet seems to be releasing a lot of fibers. This is common with new carpets but it cannot affect their performance.

Next, keep mats at different entry points to keep most of the dirt from the outside off your carpet. This helps to maintain hygiene and the quality of the carpet in the long run.

Lastly, open the windows and use additional means to ensure proper circulation of air the room. A newly installed carpet produces an unpleasant smell as a result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The smell takes between 2 to 3 days to dissipate completely with proper room ventilation.

Can you sleep in a Room with a New Carpet?

A room with a new carpet gives off a strong chemical smell because of VOCs. Most of the VOCs are emitted during the first few days after installation. This makes it uncomfortable to spend a night in room unless it is very well-ventilated.

An ideal approach is to give the room at least 48 hours of proper ventilation before spending a night in it. You can stay during the day with the windows open but spend the night elsewhere.

Will Footprints on New Carpet Disappear?

Footprints on new vacuums disappear on their own with normal carpet use. That said, vacuuming the carpet regularly can speed up the rate at which they disappear.

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