how to dilute fabric softener

How to Dilute Fabric Softener for Best Performance

Any savvy person knows how important it is to save on every cheap, expensive or in between product for use at home. Most home products are things that you add to your shopping cart every new month. That said, using them sparingly can save you a few bucks every now and then, a decision that is actually worth it in the long run.

One way to use a tiny bit of some products is to dilute them even when manufacturers do not actually direct as so. Take the case of fabric softeners (also known as fabric conditioners). Some brands that are near perfection come extra-thick and heavily perfumed.

It is easier to just add thick softener to the machine’s dispenser but some people welcome the idea of diluting it with water first to spare some product, and for two other reasons that are totally understandable.

Because heavy conditioner might require more water after it is released into your washers drum during the rinse cycle, it can potentially leave fabric softener stains on your clothes.

And no, you do not want more work and cost taking your clothes through another wash or rinse cycle.

Secondly, conditioning products that are too thick have a reputation of clogging the fabric softener dispenser. This is a problem too common especially for people with a habit of leaving leftover product sitting in the dispenser.

Diluting fabric softener with water prevents the formation of buildup that can clog the dispenser.

There is also no harm diluting fabric softener because the smell is too strong for your liking. If you only want a touch of freshness on your clothes, overly diluting the softener tones down the smell.

But these are not the only reasons you might choose to dilute your softener. I have read that there washers that require users to dilute fabric softener with water first.

This might not be necessary for conditioners with consistency almost as thin as water, but for the pretty thick ones, it is best to follow this requirement.

How to Dilute Fabric Softener

how to dilute fabric softener

The best way to dilute fabric softener is to add water to the product before use. The amount of water that you add to your softener should depend on the reason behind the decision to dilute.

To dilute fabric softener to make more product, measure ½ the recommended product for your load size and combine it with an equal portion of water, then transfer the solution into the fabric softener compartment.  Only do this when planning to use the product immediately.

If your intention is to tame an overpowering aroma, measure ¼ the dosage provided on the user instructions of your product, transfer it to the fabric softener dispenser and fill up the rest of the space with water, then use your finger to mix the products.

 Alternatively, add the ¼ dosage into an empty bottle, add three parts water in the same bottle, shake well and transfer the mixture into the fabric softener compartment.

To dilute thick fabric softener that can clog your machine, combine ½ the recommended amount with enough water to achieve the desired consistency, then transfer the solution into the fabric softener dispenser.

If you are pouring fabric softener directly into the washing machine or in a wash basin, dilute it with two cups of water in a bottle first.

This thins the consistency significantly, thus preventing fabric softener stains from forming on your clothes. If you choose not to dilute it, make sure that the fabric softener does not come into direct contact with your clothes.

Do you have to Dilute Fabric Softener?

You do not have to dilute fabric softener if you are comfortable with the thickness and strength of the fragrance. You have the better choice to use lesser quantity than the recommended.

What is the right Fabric Softener Dosage?

Most manufacturers use the weight of a load to help users determine the right fabric softener dosage. This information is usually provided in the care labels.

For example, Persil recommend 35ml softener when washing a 4 or 5 kg load . The amount should be increased to 55ml when washing a 6-7 kg load.


Can you pre-dilute fabric softener?

Yes! You can pre-dilute fabric softener to thin the consistency. Thick fabric softener can clog the fabric softener dispenser of your machine thus causing unnecessary problems. Another reason to dilute thick softener is to ensure that it diffuses well in water, to prevent fabric softener stains on your clothes.

Are you supposed to dilute Downy fabric softener?

Downy recommend that you dilute their fabric softener before use if the consistency thickens way beyond normal after storage in a cold place. Dilute until you achieve normal consistency to avoid staining your clothes.

What happens if you put fabric softener directly on clothes?

Fabric softener causes stains if it is poured directly on clothes. The best way to use it is by adding it into the fabric softener dispenser and letting the machine dispense it at the right time. Alternatively, dilute the softener with water first to thin the consistency.

What happens if you don’t dilute fabric softener?

Extra-thick fabric softener causes two main problems if you do not dilute it before use. The first problem is to mar clothes with stains. The second is to clog the fabric softener dispenser. This problem can cause other issues in your washer.

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