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How to Dry Shoes in Four Simple and Quick Ways

Drying shoes is one of the most interesting laundry topics that I have come across. There are all sorts of suggestions and ideas, but most of them beg the question whether there are remedies that actually work. Well, in my experience, the most effective method is to get a boot dryer. However, there is a list of other low-investment home remedies that are equal to the task.   

Drying Shoes in a Boot Dryer

Ho to dry shoes

Boot dryers are commercial products that give the promise to deodorize and dry shoes fast. In the actual sense, their effectiveness depends on factors such as brand, type of shoes and the quality of the machine.

Unlike a normal clothes or tumble dryer machine, boots dryers are friendly to all kinds of shoes (including leather) because they do not cause shrinkage. Additionally, they are not associated with excessive heating in areas that are assembled with glue and other delicate products.

Just like with any other commercial product, there are disadvantages to using a boot dryer. Firstly, a high quality functional machine costs an arm and a leg. Secondly, the level of satisfaction depends on personal experience.

If you have a boot dryer, follow the instructions provided in the user manual to achieve the desired results.

How to Dry Shoes with Newspapers

Drying shoes with newspapers is a reliable old school trick. All you need is a collection of old newspapers and a pair of clean damp shoes. Firstly, consider stuffing your shoes with an old towel if they are completely wet. The step allows excess water to be absorbed so that the drying process can be hastened. The best part about this method is that old newspapers are of little or no use. Finding something substantial to do with them is a worthy investment.

What you will Need

  • Wet Shoes
  • A bunch of old newspapers


Step 1: Sort the newspapers to separate the pages with a lot of colored images from the relatively plain ones. Avoid using colorful pages because they might leave traces of ink on your shoes.

Step 2: Prepare the shoes by untying and loosening the shoelaces. Additionally, remove the insoles and let them dry separately.

Step 3: Ball up newspaper sheets and stuff them in the shoes. Stuff in as much as possible to speed up the drying process.

Step 4: Wrap the outside with more newspaper and use an elastic band to keep the bundle intact.

Step 5: Place the shoes in a dry and well ventilated place.

Step 6: Allow the shoes to dry for an hour or two and replace the newspapers.

Step 7: Repeat step 6 until the shoes are completely dry.

Tip: Replace newspapers with paper towels or toilet paper if your shoes are white or if you are very cautious about the mess that can be created by newspaper ink.

Drying Shoes with Rice

Rice is commonly used to dry laptops and mobile devices but unknown to many, it can also be used to dry shoes and other things. Essentially, it has a hygroscopic property that allows it to absorb moisture when exposed to air and things with high humidity.

Below are two methods that you can use to dry shoes with rice.

Method 1: Rice and a Plastic Container

What you will need

  • 2-3 cups rice
  • Plastic container with lid
  • Wet shoes


Step 1: Just like with the newspaper method, untie the shoelaces, remove insoles and use old rags or a towel to soak excess moisture from the shoes.

Step 2: Transfer rice into a container that is large enough to accommodate your shoes.

Step 3: Place the shoes on top of the rice and cover the container with an airtight lid.

Step 4: Set the container aside in a dry place and allow the rice to absorb moisture from the shoes for a few hours.

Step 5: Sun-dry or air-dry the rice and store for future use.

Method 2: Rice and Socks

What you will need

  • Rice
  • A pair of socks
  • Rubber Bands
  • Wet shoes


Step 1: Remove insoles from yours shoes and use a towel or old rags to soak exsiccate excess moisture.

Step 2: Add enough rice to a pair of socks that is the same size as your shoes.

Step 3: Heat the stuffed socks in a microwave for 3-4 minutes.

Step 4: Tie the end of each sock with a rubber band and transfer them into the shoes.

Step 5: Place the shoes in a dry place and allow the rice to absorb moisture for several hours.

Step 6: Sun-dry or air-dry the rice and store for reuse. Throw away after it begins to produce bad odor.

How to Dry Shoes with a Refrigerator

The refrigerator method is easy and you lose nothing because you would still have the fridge connected to power anyway.

What you will need

  • A plugged in refrigerator
  • Wet shoes


Step 1: Remove insoles and shoe laces from your shoes

Step 2: Wring excess water from the shoes and use a towel or old rags to soak up more moisture.

Step 3: Place the shoes and the insoles on the ground next to the refrigerator vent. Ensure that the shoes are in a proper position so that warmth released from the vent can circulate inside.

Step 4: Check if the shoes are dry after a few hours.

Additional Methods

Other methods that you can use include:

  • Blowing air into the shoes with a blow dryer.
  • Placing the shoes near a furnace.
  • Placing the shoes on the exhaust port of a vacuum cleaner.

Technically, the three methods work in almost the same way because they rely on hot air that is released from these appliances. A vacuum cleaner is highly reliable because it releases a lot of warmth and the shoes dry fast. A furnace is a suitable option during the cold winter nights that turn it into a home essential. A blow dryer is slow because it has to be used on very low settings. Additionally, it cannot be on for long hours and you have to present throughout the entire time.

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