how to vacuum a shag rug

Steps on How to Vacuum a Shag Rug Correctly

Owning a shag rug is a trend and we are here for it. Besides adding a luxurious feel to your room or space, shaggy rugs are cozy, warm and comfortable. But there is a downside to these beautiful area rugs. They can be tricky to vacuum, and most importantly, the choice of a vacuum matters a lot.

With dust and debris particles penetrating deep into the high pile fibers, sucking out the mess is not as easy as vacuuming regular rugs.

Firstly, you have to put in mind the fluffy layer that makes your rug extra comfy. Besides exposing your vacuum to a lot of fuzz, it can easily get tangled especially after coming into contact with vacuum brushes.

Secondly, you have to know the kind of vacuum power that is appropriate for your rug. And lastly, have in mind the right way to move your machine as you vacuum the rug.

Preparing your Shaggy Rug for Vacuuming

There are few important steps that you can undertake to prepare your shag rug for vacuuming. They help make vacuuming easier and you ultimately end up with a cleaner rug.

Firstly, move your shag rug outside and shake it vigorously to remove excess dirt and debris. Hang it on a clothesline after shaking and use a broomstick or something similar to hit from the front and back.

This releases the dirt pieces and particles that are trapped deep in the rug fibers. Avoid spreading the rug on a flat surface while carrying out this step because it is counterproductive.

Move the rug back into the house and spread it well for vacuuming

If your rug is big, you might need help throughout these steps.

How to Vacuum a Shag Rug

Vacuuming a shag rug is a process that brings together different steps. Each step counts and helps determine the final condition of your carpet.

Step 1: Choose an Appropriate Vacuum Cleaner

Since different vacuum styles vary significantly, you have to choose something that at least works for a shaggy rug. One way to determine the suitability of a machine is the settings. Vacuum cleaners that are suitable for vacuuming high pile rugs mostly feature the pile settings.

In layman’s terms, this means that the height of the vacuum is adjustable. Most vacuums that feature this design are adjustable up to five settings.

Height adjustment allows a vacuum to suction from an above the ground level depending on the height of the padding and soft fibers of your carpet or rug. To understand this, you have to go back to the basic principles of vacuuming.

A vacuum functions by using airflow to suction dirt out of floors, upholstery, curtains and so on. Therefore, when your vacuum’s head is slightly above the rug fibers, there is airflow and dirt can be sucked into the vacuum.

Another critical feature to consider is the brush components on your vacuum head. Your plush shaggy rug is as delicate as it is beautiful. Therefore, subjecting it to a vigorously rotating brush does more harm than good. A decent approach is to consider using an attachment that is suitable for a shag rug.

This means you have to very careful when choosing a vacuum. Further, you can go ahead and remove the brush if your vacuum suits all other requirements.

Depending on how sturdy your carpet is, you might also want to look at your vacuum’s suctioning power. An extremely powerful vacuum can do harm to a plush rug. This is particularly more evident with rugs that shed a lot.

Vacuums with little power are also not very useful for shaggy rugs. They lack the power to pull dirt from deep within the fibers.

An ideal vacuum provides medium suction power. This serves the purpose without ruining the rug or leaving dirt and debris behind unnecessarily.

A major strength for modern vacuums is the option to adjust the suction power. This feature is crucial when dealing with a shag rug.

Lastly, the weight of your vacuum matters a lot. Dragging a heavy vacuum on a shag rug is not an easy task. Depending on the height of the fibers, some vacuums my not move at all. This is why some rug owners opt for lightweight handheld vacuums. It also takes us back to the need for a height adjustable vacuum.

Step 2: Vacuum the Rug

After you are set and ready for job, it is time to get your rug clean.

Begin by vacuuming the upper side of the rug. Ideally, this the plush side that give you all the coziness and comfort. Ensure that you move the machine in different directions. This improves the process of pulling out dirt and debris.

Some rug manufacturers may require that you vacuum their products in the direction of the grain. Prioritize on this if your rug falls under that category.

After you are done with the top side, turn your rug and begin to vacuum the rug backing. This is the side with the padding that holds the luxurious fibers together. Readjust your vacuum’s height when cleaning this side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a normal vacuum for a shag rug?

A normal vacuum is not the best choice for a shag rug. It is important to go for a vacuum that is specifically designed for soft and high pile rugs and carpets. In most cases, these can also be used on hard floors. They are mostly height adjustable, which increases the flexibility of using them on rugs with fibers or pile that vary in height.

How often should you vacuum a shag rug?

Vacuum your shag rug at least twice a week if it covers an area that is used on a daily basis. These kind of carpets are extremely dirt friendly. They allow all kinds of dust and debris to penetrate deep into the fibers. This creates the need for regular vacuuming for the rug to remain in good condition.

How do you vacuum a thick pile carpet?

You vacuum a thick pile carpet by moving a height adjustable vacuum on it in different directions. You can also move it along the grains. This depends on the instructions your carpet’s manufacturer. You can also vacuum the bottom part of your carpet to remove dirt that seats deep in the padding.

What is a shag rug?

Shug rugs are area carpets that feature thick pile or deep long fibers that give them a plush and soft appearance. These fluffy carpets are made of a wide range of materials which make them vary significantly in terms of texture, appearance, durability and other factors.

Are shag rugs good quality?

The quality of shag rugs varies with brands and specific products. Generally, the market has both high and low quality shag rugs. medium quality rugs are also possible to find at a bargain.

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