how to wash o cedar mop head

How to Wash O Cedar Mop Head

O Cedar has been making all kinds of great floor cleaning mops for decades. Once you get your hands on your first-ever O Cedar spin mop head, there’s no turning back. It’s a real lifesaver. But like everything else, all types of mop heads accumulate germy dirt and filth over time.

Washing your mop head is the only way to prevent transference of germs and bacteria to other parts of your home. In fact, mopping floors with a traditional cotton mop can distribute loads of bacteria and germs to areas that didn’t initially have them. That’s why keeping your mop heads clean and sanitary makes perfect sense.

But how do you wash an O Cedar mop head? This guide describes exactly how you can do this. But the guide goes a step further and shows you how to get tangled lint and hair out of the mop head as well.

Good news! The task ahead is easier than you imagine.

How Do You Wash an O Cedar Mop Head?

Most O Cedar mop heads (and mop heads in general) are easy to clean because they’re machine washable. For machine-washable mop heads, run them through the warm water setting and use a mild detergent. You may also add bleach, white vinegar, hydrogen to the wash to disinfect and deodorize the mop head.

However, you shouldn’t bleach microfiber and synthetic mop heads or use a fabric softener on them. As for non-machine washable mop heads such as brush mop heads and sponge mop heads, hand-wash them in hot water.

Finally, rinse off the detergent and lay the mop flat to air-dry. You can also hang the mop on a clothesline to dry. And if it’s hot and sunny outdoors, you may also dry the mop head in the sun.

Avoid machine-drying your mop heads, and if you must, avoid dryer sheets and running them through high-heat cycles.

3 Methods of Washing O Cedar Mop Heads

how to wash o cedar mop head
  • Use a washing machine to wash O Cedar mop heads.
  • Wash the O Cedar mop head using a dishwasher
  • You may also hand-wash O Cedar mop heads.

Let’s now learn how each method works.

1.Use a Washing Machine to Wash O Cedar Mop Head

Yes, you can wash O Cedar mop heads and many other kinds of mop heads in a washing machine. You can even machine-dry the mops after washing them if you so wish, but you need to select the correct heat setting.

First off, decide if the mop you intend to wash is machine washable. But how do you tell a machine washable mop head from a non-machine washable one?

Read the product’s manual. With some options, there’s a care label affixed to the handle, so check the handle for this information. If you can’t get hold of the manual, no problem. Go to the company’s website and find the care instructions for the specific product that you bought.

For example, here is a use & care excerpt for the the EasyWring™ Spin Mop.

For best results, replace refill every three months. Machine or hand wash. Do not wash with fabric softeners or bleach. Lay flat to dry. Store bucket in dry conditions. Do not expose to excessive sunlight.”

O Cedar website

If you can’t seem to find this information anywhere, email O Cedar’s customer support; they’re sure to furnish you with the details you seek. That said, O Cedar mops are made of microfiber. This makes them easy to wash and care for. The material is hand and machine washable.

The vast majority of mop heads are machine washable, and this includes pretty much all O Cedar offerings. However, brush mops and sponge mops come with a head that stays attached permanently to the handle. These two types aren’t machine washable.

How to Wash O Cedar Mop Head in a Machine
  • Once you determine that a mop head can be safely detached and washed in a washer, remove the mop head and toss it in and choose the warm water setting the machine allows.
  • Use a mild detergent. Bleach? Softeners? Mop manufacturers discourage using fabric softeners and bleach on synthetics and microfiber mops.
  • However, you can add in a cup of white vinegar or 3% hydrogen peroxide or a capful of bleach to the wash as a disinfectant.
  • Can you wash mop heads alongside other items? Yes, if you don’t care that much about them and you’re OK with removing lint afterward. I’m talking about towels and rags here.

However, if it’s a microfiber mop head, you can toss it in alongside other microfiber items. Because having microfiber lints on a microfiber mop head is OK, right?

  • Once the washing cycle completes, remove the mop head out of the washing machine and lay them flat to dry. You may also hang the mop head on a clothesline to dry.
  • But can you really dry O Cedar mop heads in the dryer? Yes, you can. But be careful. Just don’t use dryer sheets on microfiber mop heads. And definitely keep the dryer heat low or choose the no-heat option.
  • Once the mop’s dried completely, store it. Where do you store mops? Store the clean mop in a cool, dry place. Simply hang the mop somewhere and you’re good. 

By the way…

How Do You Remove a Spin Mop Head for Washing? 

Here’s the best way to remove a spin mop head for washing or when changing out the mop head:

  • Stand the mop on the end of its handle so that the head faces upward.
  • Then, firming the mop with one hand, use the other hand to pop out the head from the plastic holder/base.

This spin mop head removal method is easy, always successful, and doesn’t damage the mop over time.

Some people stand the mop with its head on the floor, place their feet on the plastic base, and pull the handle out. Unfortunately, this method tends to damage the tool over time, plus the handle keeps detaching from the head.

2. Wash an O Cedar Mop Head Using a Dishwasher

Can you really wash a mop head in a dishwasher? Yes, you can. And here’s how to do it:

  • Open the dishwasher and put the mop head right in. Obviously, the dishwasher shouldn’t have cookware and other items.
  • Pour 1 cup of white vinegar into the machine’s detergent dispenser and run a normal cleaning cycle.
  • Finally, remove the clean, disinfected mop head.
  • Air dry it completely before storage.

3. You May Also Hand-wash O Cedar Mop Heads

What do you do with mop heads that can’t go into a washing machine? Hand-wash them, that’s what. Here’s the correct way of hand-washing an O Cedar mop head:

  • Boil water in a pot and pour it into a washbasin.
  • Add in a suitable laundry detergent to the water.
  • Squeeze the strands repeatedly to cause the dirt to come off. Alternatively (I strongly recommend this), use separate buckets. One bucket to hold the soapy washing water and the other to hold clean, hot rinsing water. This way, you won’t need to touch the head.

Why bleach? Since the mop harbors tons of bacteria, adding some bleach helps disinfect the head.

  • Air dry the head.

How Do You Disinfect O Cedar (And Other) Mop Heads?

Cleaning a dirty mop head is good, but it’s not good enough. Washing mop heads removes dirt and grime, but it doesn’t kill any bacteria. That’s why you should disinfect the head.

Clean the mop head first and then do one of 3 things:

  • Soak the clean mop head in a solution of white vinegar and hot water for 10-15 minutes. Prepare the sanitizing solution in the ratio of 1 gallon hot water and 1 cup of white vinegar.
  • Soak the clean head in a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Mix 1 gallon of hot water with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide. Wait for 10-15 minutes for the diluted peroxide to sanitize the mop head.
  • You may also dunk the mop head in a bleach solution and leave it in there for 10 minutes. Mix 1 gallon of hot water with 1 cap of bleach. NEVER bleach synthetic or sponge mop heads since doing this degrades them, forcing you to buy a replacement mop head refill sooner.

How Often Should You Wash a Mop Head?

The best time to wash a mop head and decontaminate it is after every use. Every time you use this cleaning tool, give it a good rinse. And if you’re a cleaning freak and are always mopping your floors, consider giving it a proper wash every 3-4 days.

When to Replace an O Cedar Mop Head

A time comes when washing a mop head doesn’t do a friggin thing to its effectiveness. A poorly maintained O Cedar mop is pretty lame at cleaning floors. And if your mopping technique isn’t up to scratch, mopping makes things worse. If your mop head is terribly soiled and badly worn out, it’s way past washing and you should replace it; otherwise, it becomes a cleaning hazard.

If your mop isn’t as effective at cleaning as it’s always been, or it’s another season and there’s tons of mopping to do, replace the mop head. Fortunately, Amazon and a few other places online and offline sell all kinds of decent mop heads and you’re spoiled for choice for the most part.

How Do You Get Hair and Lint Out of an O Cedar Mop Head?

The first time you use an O cedar spin mop head, your world changes forever. The tool picks up all kinds of dirt, bacteria, and grime, leaving your floors looking sparkling clean.

Every time I tried to wash the mop head in the washing machine, the mop heads came out nice and clean. But there was one little problem. All the agitation the washer threw at the mop heads did nothing to get any of the tangled hair and lint out.

I spent some time reading what Google surfaced, but it wasn’t much help. I had to figure out a way to remove hair and lint from my O Cedar spin mop head.

And here’s the secret: Hand-wash the mop head in hot water or toss it in the washing machine and choose the hottest setting possible. Once the cleaning cycle completes, take the head out and start pulling out the hair strands and lint with your hands.

OK, I get it. You’re disappointed because you expected to learn about some magical wand that dissolves stuck hair and lint to oblivion in a second. But there really isn’t a better or more effective way of doing it other than manually pulling out the mess.

How to Clean Spin Mop Bucket

After washing and disinfecting your O Cedar mop, it is pointless placing it back in a germy bucket. So, the next thing to do is wash the spin mop bucket.

Begin by putting on a pair of cleaning gloves to keep bacteria off your hands. Add enough water to a sink or wash basin and add a cupful of bleach. Use a cloth to clean the bucket thoroughly. Clean every part including the handles.

 Finish up by rinsing it under running water and air-drying.

6 Mopping Tips You Should Know

  • Rinse your mop head after every cleanup.
  • Keep your mop heads clean and disinfected to prevent cross-contamination.
  • When mopping your home’s floors, clean the bathroom last or use a different mop head for this germ-packed floor.
  • Don’t use the bathroom mop to clean the kitchen floor.
  • Keep the cleaning solution and mop rinsing water in separate buckets and keep changing the water as needed.
  • Master a good mopping technique because mopping the floor incorrectly worsens the problem by redistributing bacteria and germs.

O Cedar Mop Head Washing FAQs

I organized a bunch of questions that our readers ask from time to time. Even though we answer every question emailed to us, we decided to answer the questions in one place to save everyone time and energy.

That said, feel free to contact us in case there’s something we forgot to answer in these FAQs.

How Do You Clean a Mop Head After Use?

If the mop head is machine washable, toss it in the washer and set the machine to the hottest setting. Once the cycle completes, get the mop heads out and air dry. 

Can You Wash O Cedar Mop Head in a Washing Machine?

It all depends on what type of mop head you have. Some kinds of mop heads such as spin mop heads, some flat mop heads, strip mop heads, and steam mops are removable and machine washable. Others such as brush mops and sponge mops aren’t machine washable and should be cleaned and sanitized by hand.

Can You Put an O Cedar Mop Head in a Dryer?

Yes, you technically can run an O Cedar mop head or any other kind of mop head through a dryer. However, the heat needs to be pretty low if not absent. Choose the delicates heat setting. Also, you shouldn’t use dryer sheets on microfiber mop heads because this degrades them over time.

How Do You Wash a Cedar Mop Head in a Washing Machine?

First, remove the mop head (if it’s removable) and put it into the washing machine. Select a high-heat setting and let the cycle run to completion. Use a gentle laundry detergent and stay away from bleach and fabric softeners if washing synthetic or microfiber mop heads. Finally, take the mop head out and dry it in the sun or air-dry it.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning O Cedar Mop Heads

O Cedar mop heads (and mops of all kinds) help remove dirt, bacteria, and other germs from your floors. But they, too, need regular care.

Clean your mop head after every use if you can, But if it’s not too dirty, you can wash it once every week. As for replacing the mop head, do it at the start of every season, roughly after every 3 months.

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