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The best Products for Shoe Deodorizers in 2021

Washing shoes removes all the visible dirt and smell. However, what can you do after your favorite pair begins to stink badly soon after? A proper shoe care routine goes beyond normal cleaning. Ensuring that shoes are protected from micro-organisms and other factors that cause and accelerate bad odor is fundamental. A reliable method for eliminating shoe odor is the use of a shoe deodorizer. According, our article focuses on the best shoes deodorizing products that you can find in the market today.

Types of Shoe Deodorizers

Shoe deodorizers come in form of sprays, sneaker balls, insoles, powders, drying machines and bags.


Spray deodorizers are among the most common shoe odor eliminators.  Most of them are applicable on feet, shoes, socks, and insoles. 

 In most cases, products are made of natural ingredients that are rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Therefore, a good quality spay can potentially fight foot and shoe odor effectively. Furthermore, the effect can last for a long time.

The main benefit of spray deodorizers is ease of use. They are sprayed directly in the shoes or on feet. However, each specific product comes with detailed user instructions.

Sneaker balls

Sneaker balls are small ball-like odor eliminators that deodorize shoes, lockers and gym bags. They work by releasing scent that replaces bad odor. This makes shoes smell fresh and clean again.

The main ingredient used to make sneaker balls is tea bags that contain things such as baking soda, and other deodorizing agents such as essential oils and herbs. 


Just like sprays, Inserts and insoles are great for odor elimination because of ease of use. As an added advantage, they also last relatively longer compared to most alternatives.

The feet benefits of deodorizing shoe insoles are wide and varied. Firstly, some insoles are excellent for people with sweaty feet. Sweat released from feet leads to the development of bacterial agents that cause shoe odor.

Secondly, there are insoles that foster an increase in blood circulation and overall feet comfort.  

Lastly, insoles and inserts differ on the basis of the components that make them.

Examples include insoles containing activated carbon and charcoal, ultra-absorbent insoles, treated or biocide insoles, cedar wood inserts and insoles, ionized, aromatherapy and soakless insoles.


 Formula powders are multipurpose odor eliminators that can be used on feet, other parts of the body, shoes, bags, gloves and any other garment that releases bad smell.

Popular brands are mostly made of natural ingredients because of the nature of how the powder is used.

Drying machines

Shoe deodorizing and drying machines are electric gadgets that are used to sanitize, dry and deodorize shoes and shoe accessories. Most high quality machines are highly effective because they destroy the bacteria that causes foot odor.

 Drying machines work by producing heat to eliminate moisture and kill bacteria.


Odor eliminating bags are small sachet like bags that are filled with contents meant for odor elimination. The contents can range from basic ingredients such as baking soda to highly effective odor eating herbs.

The main advantage of bags is flexibility that comes with portability. They can fit in small spaces. Therefore, they make a perfect choice for travelling.

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