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Vacuuming Spiders: An Easy Approach to Get Rid of Them

Even if you do not hate spiders, they most likely freak you out. To most of us, spiders are not only scary but also dangerous. But factually, not all spiders are dangerous. There are many species that are harmless, and only roam in your house to eliminate insects.

Unfortunately, this information is of no use if you cannot differentiate the harmful varieties from the friendly ones. For that reason, most people choose to eliminate every spider that finds its way into their home.

Most commonly, the approach is to smash them with something like a shoe or slippers. However, others instinctively choose to vacuum them. So, does vacuuming spiders actually kill them? Or can a black widow crawl back and pose danger to you and your loved ones?

In a nutshell, vacuuming spiders can potentially kill them. However, how quickly this happens may depend on factors such as type of vacuum and the kind of dirt inside the bag or canister and they spider itself.

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Vacuuming Spiders

 If you decide to vacuum a spider, it will be pulled forcefully with dirt into the internal components of your vacuum cleaner. Even before it gets to the filter/ bag or canister, it will most likely have developed injuries from being roughed up by the other components.

Further, the alteration of pressure inside the vacuum will do it no good.

But a big resilient spider might escape all of these and, end up in the bag or canister alive and kicking.

If the bag is at least half way full, the dirt and dust might suffocate the arachnid to death. Alternatively, it will die from starvation and thirst.

Even if it stays alive, there is very little chance of escaping from the bag once disposed from the vacuum.

Remember, it is fundamental to dispose the bag immediately if you vacuum something like a big spider. If big insects and spiders are left to die and rot inside the vacuum, it may begin to smell bad.

You have a good chance for observing a spider if it ends up in the canister. Soon after the machine stops running, you will be able to tell whether it is alive or not. If it is alive, just throw it way with the rest of the dirt.

The chance of spider crawling back from a bagged vacuum is minimal. However, if you are scared of this happening with your bagged or bagless vacuum, keep vacuuming other dirt for some time after vacuuming the spider.

You can also vacuum a small amount of talcum or baby powder.  Both of these powders are unfriendly to spiders.

Alternative Ways for Handling Spiders

If you are dealing with small harmless spiders, the best approach is to ignore them. They help keep your home from insects that might be more bothersome.

However, since it is not easy to co-exist with giant spiders, use essential oils to deter them and clear all the webs.

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