how to clean a shower cap

How to Clean a Shower Cap Properly

A reusable shower cap is not only cost effective, but it can also serve you for a long time with proper care and maintenance. This entails cleaning it regularly to prevent product build up.

Every time you wear your cap to the shower, it draws products from your hair. These products can begin to make your shower cap smelly after accumulating over time. The smell is later transferred to your hair.

It is also important to clean the shower cap every time you don it after treating your hair. Hair treatments contain oils and other components that deposit around the cap’s band.

The product residue begins turn green and produce a bad smell after some time. It can also provide a suitable environment for the growth of toxic molds.

How to Clean a Shower Cap

a shower cap on the band side

Depending on how your shower cap is made, you can hand wash it, machine wash it, or both. A versatile shower cap allows both methods but it is probably more expensive and studier compared to regular shower caps.

Hand Washing

Step 1: Mix warm water and mild liquid detergent in a bowl, small basin or sink. Swirl the mixture with your hands so that the detergent can lather.

Step 2: Turn the shower cap inside out and submerge it in the solution. It is important to turn it because hair products and dirt accumulate in the inside.

Step 3: Let it soak in the solution for about three minutes and wash gently with your hands. Work the band and other parts with your fingers properly to remove product build up. You will notice the cap getting clean by feeling the oiliness reduce gradually as the detergent cuts through it.

Step 4: Drain the bowl, basin or sink and add clean water.

Step 5: Rinse the shower cap thoroughly while turning it in and out severally. Wring out excess water after rinsing it to your satisfaction.

Step 6: Hang to air dry. You can also sun dry but do not leave it on the sun for a long time.

Machine Washing

If your shower cap is machine washable, choose a gentle cycle and use mild detergent and warm water. Run the cycle for a few minutes and rinse your cap. Finish up by hanging it to dry.

Washing a Shower Cap with a Solution of Water and Vinegar

You can wash your shower cap in a solution of water and vinegar if you do not mind the smell of vinegar. Even so, add a few drops of dish soap or mild detergent to the solution because dirty shower caps are also oily. Soap is important because it helps remove the oil quickly.

How to Store a shower Cap after Use

The flimsy shower caps that flooded the market several years ago are now a thing of the past. They have been replaced by good quality caps that can last for many uses especially when you handle them with proper care.

Most of the modern shower cap have the outer waterproof material, and the inside is lined with satin, cotton or any other high quality material.

When donning the shower cap for regular use in the shower, you wear it with the waterproof side on the outside. This locks the moisture on the outside, which allows it to serve its protective purpose.

When you need to treat your hair though, you turn the shower cap inside out so that the hair treatment does not wet and soak the inner lining with oils.

After using the cap for regular shower, wipe the outside dry with a towel or dry cloth and lay the cap flat in an area with proper air circulation. Alternatively, you can also hang it on a cap hanging rod or holder.

After using the cap when treating or deep conditioning your hair, ensure that you clean the side that came into contact with your hair thoroughly with warm water and liquid detergent. Wipe dry with a towel or lay it on a flat surface to dry completely. Transfer the cap to a dry and well ventilated place after it dries.

Mold resistant Shower Cap

 In as much as there are brands that promote their shower caps as mold resistant, you cannot fully rely on this kind of advertising. The only way that you can keep your shower cap mold free is by caring for it in the right way.

Do not store your shower cap with moisture or traces of hair products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I wash my shower cap?

There are not rules for how often you should wash your shower cap. If you shower cap is all plastic, you can rinse it under running water and wipe it dry as often as possible.

On the other hand, a more functional and fashionably sophisticated shower cap might require up to a week of spacing in between the washes. This protects the inner lining from wearing and tearing quickly.

Having said that, you have to consider other things when making a decision of whether to wash your shower cap or not. For instance, if you cover your head with a shower cap when treating your hair, you have to wash the cap thereafter to remove product residue.

How do I keep mold off my Shower Cap?

Keep mold off your shower cap by wiping it dry every time after use. Inspect the band and lining after every use to determine if they are wet. If you detect dampness, turn the shower cap inside out and lay it on a flat surface or hang to dry.

Another way to keep mold at bay is by ensuring that your cap does not have traces of hair products residue every time you store it.

What can I use instead of a shower cap?

You can replace a shower cap with a plastic grocery bag to cover your head during shower or when deep conditioning your hair. Plastic bags are waterproof which makes them accomplish the protective purpose of a shower cap.

Can you reuse a shower cap?

Most of the shower caps available in the market today are reusable. In fact you can use a luxurious shower cap for a year or more without the need for a replacement.  There are also cheap plastic shower caps that only last a few uses.

Do shower caps keep hair dry?

A good shower cap should be waterproof thus keeping your hair dry. This protects hair from frizziness and premature style damage.

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