how to clean shower doors with dryer sheets

How to Clean Shower Doors with Dryer Sheets

Shower doors can drive you nuts with grime, soap scum and hard water stains. With different levels of buildup and water hardiness, different cleaning methods and products might work for some people, but fail for you.

This means that you have to find a method that works even in the most desperate circumstances. One such trick is the use of dryer sheets. Dryer sheets, also known as fabric softeners are thin fiber sheets that contain chemicals for reducing static and adding scent to laundry. Even so, not all serve the purpose of adding scent because some are fragrance free.

For some reason, the chemicals present in dryer sheets are can also act as softeners for soap scum and other grime that sticks to shower doors, bathtubs, shower walls as well as sinks and fixtures and fittings. And that’s not all, they clear the nasty plague quickly and better than most of the remedies you can think of.

How to Clean Shower Doors with Dryer Sheet

how to clean shower doors with dryer sheets

Step 1: Begin by getting a few pieces of dryer sheets. You can get brand new sheets from the packet or used ones. Used sheets work just as good as new ones. You have also to consider that they are more cost effective.  If you do not like the scent of dryer sheets, choose the fragrance free option.

Step 2: Use one sheet at a time. Dampen it under running water and use it to scrub your shower door in a circular motion. Preferably, begin from the highest point of the door and move downwards. You might need to use multiple sheets to clean the entire door. Further, this step requires a bit of elbow grease. Keep a scrubber such as magic eraser or a razor near for stubborn grime.

Step 3: Rinse the door with warm water. This helps clear the dullness that is left behind after the sheets cut through the grime. You can as well use a solution of vinegar and water or a shower door cleaner.  

Step 4: Finish up by spraying a water repellant such as Rain X. It helps keep your doors sparkling for much longer.

Cleaning shower doors is half the job. To keep them looking clean always, you have to go an extra mile and maintain them daily. The best tip is to use a squeegee as explained in details in our article for cleaning glass shower doors.

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